If you are looking for accommodation in the city, close to the amenities of urban life living in the atmosphere of a holiday home or villa. The design is distinctive and a unique mixture of townhouses and villas (Villa), Using less land size, which is rare nowadays. With an atmosphere of a villa with a private pool. Is the unique definition of Aticha Villa Town.

We have selected a location close to Home Pro (Chalong Circle), which is convenience to reach a urban place. The atmosphere surrounding the residence of expat foreigners, mostly quiet with high security area.

Aticha Villa Town with a total of 7 villas with private pool. The unit uses about 32 - 48 sq.w With a living area of 280 - 300 sq.m. It consist of three bedrooms, four bathrooms, one living room and office area, kitchen and private parking with a Modern Loft-style material quality villa.